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International Programme in English

Cultural and Social Field Activities – Visits and Discoveries (3 ECTS-Credits)

Students may take part in excursions, visits to museums, movies, theatre performances concerts and traditional events, etc. to see the different faces of Austria. Outdoor activities are also part of the programme.

Insights into Salzburg's and Austria's history (2 ECTS-Credits)

Students will be informed about Salzburg's and Austria's history and will learn about competences that can be developed in history classes. Additionally, various teaching methods will be presented.

Challenges and Perspectives of European Educational Systems (3 ECTS-Credits)

The aim of this course is to examine and reflect upon the processes of globalization and European integration and the profound repercussions on education throughout Europe, affecting schools and universities. The cultural background of the participants will be a vital resource for cross-cultural discussions and comparisons of the different national education systems.

Discovering Austria beyond the clichés (3 ECTS-Credits)

The famous American movie "The Sound of Music", shot in Salzburg in 1965, is the starting point to discover the city of Salzburg and its rich and unique surroundings. The course provides a deeper understanding and appreciation of Austria and its main historical, traditional, artistic aspects and an introduction to its political, intellectual and cultural values.

Deutsch als Fremdsprache 1 und 2 (4 ECTS-Credits)

Beginner level (A1 bis A2).

Deutsch als Fremdsprache 3 und 4 (4 ECTS-Credits)

Intermediate level (B1 bis B2).

School Placements for Student Teachers (3 ECTS-Credits)

The aim is to put teaching into practice. Its content is teaching English as a foreign language in Pre- Primary School (Kindergarten), Primary School, Secondary School and Special Needs Classrooms.

Instrumental Music Instruction (1 ECTS-Credit)

Through playing music students will experience a range of musical diversity and develop an understanding for different intercultural communication and value structures.

International Project Management (3 ECTS-Credits) 

Implementing school projects by Open Learning Methods and Project Management. Foreign students should present their own country in this class in a creative way.

Science is all Around (3 ECTS-Credits)

In the initial steps the focus will be on the reactivation and expansion of scientific knowledge. Then, the course will take this knowledge to forms of application. We will also explore real life applications and we will integrate the local point of view by organising field trips in and around Salzburg. We will focus on topics such as: numbers – their historical dimension and influence on modern society, waves and water, growth and decline –; models for physics and biology; how does a computer work – the step from analogue to digital, describing graphs and functions; how do we know that the Untersberg is 1973 m above sea level?

Teacher's Personality and Classroom Management (3 ECTS-Credits)

Based on personal reflection, the aim of this model is to introduce students to various classroom management strategies with relation to individual learning styles. Drawing on developmental psychology, socio-cultural theory, learning theory and theories of mind, this module will further explore the interconnected nature of personality, pedagogy and assessment. In this context, forms of assessment as a social practice and as a tool for feedback and dialogue, emphasising the child’s identity as a competent learner, will be compared and contrasted.

European Dimension and Intercultural Competences (3 ECTS-Credits)

The aim of this course is to first introduce students to various notions of culture and explore the interdisciplinary fields involved in the subject. An overview of models of intercultural competence in the education context will be given and their strengths and weaknesses as well as implications will be discussed. Based on this theoretical background, methods of cultural training will be examined. The cultural backgrounds of the participants will then become a vital resource for cross-cultural discussions of personal intercultural encounters.

English as Foreign Language (approaching B2) (3 ECTS-Credits)

The aim of this course is to improve communications skills and the fluency in speaking, based on a range of activities in individual areas. 


ECTS credits can be obtained within the regular curriculum which also offers possibilities for non German speakers. Courses can be chosen with the help of our International Office (from our English Department, Art/Handicraft/Music Workshops, Sports...).




= an outstanding performance



= above the average standard but with some errors



= generally sound work with a number of notable errors



= performance meets the minimum requirements



= some more work required before the credit can be awarded



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