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Welcome to the University of Education Salzburg

The University of Education combines professional initial, in-service and continuing education of teachers with research on relevant educational needs for the future.

The University believes in the idea of comprehensive education, modern pedagogical impulses, regional and international networks and the art of imparting knowledge and skills with “head, heart and hand”.

Initial studies conclude with the degree “Bachelor of Education” (primary, lower secondary and special needs education). Personal and social qualifications are assessed to the same extent as methodology and profound knowledge.

The attached training schools enable students to put theoretical know-how into practice.

The University faces the challenge of lifelong learning within a steadily changing world of knowledge.  A wide array of courses caters for individual teachers’ needs in the daily classroom. Some selective programs conclude with the degree “Master of Education”.

Quality and innovation are regularly assured through scientific analysis and research concerning pedagogical and social matters.


A European network of agreements with more than 40 partner institutions contributes to the attractiveness of the University of Education. Teachers and students are encouraged to take part in national and international educational projects, study visits and exchange programmes thus becoming part of a European educational and social expertise.



Institutional Coordinator
Vice Rector Dr. Elisabeth Seethaler
Tel: +43 662 6388 1460

Student Mobility
Prof. Mag. Giorgia Disa
Tel:  +43 662 6388 2099
Fax: +43 662 6388 2080
E-mail: giorgia.disa(at)phsalzburg(dot)at

Teaching & Staff Mobility
International Projects

Prof. Mag. Dipl.- Päd. Marina Grogger
Tel:    +43 662 6388 2063
Fax:   +43 662 6388 2080
Mobil: +43 664 4249416
Email: marina.grogger(at)phsalzburg(dot)at

ECTS- approval certificate
Prof. Mag. Gottfried Niedermüller
Tel: +43 662 6388 2047
E- mail: gottfried.niedermueller(at)phsalzburg(dot)at